On April 22nd at the stadium „Otkrytiye Arena“ (Moscow, RU) were held for the first time in Russia the Tekla User Days. The venue of the event this year, the home stadium of football team Spartak Moscow, was strategically selected.

The aim of the event was to create a platform for dialogue of leading specialists in the design and construction of building structures for various purposes. During the day, participants shared their experience in using Tekla Structures in the different stages of the construction process.

“I think the Tekla User Days is a great event. The venue for the Tekla User Days fully reflects the spirit of the cooperation between HGG and Tekla!“ – says Daan van Dee, Regional HGG manager in Europe and Russia.

Since 2008 HGG and Tekla work together towards achieving production optimization in the construction process, an area with a significant innovation gap in the past. HGG joined forces with Tekla – now known as Trimble – in the development of an open file format for tubulars, which allows seamless integration from design and detailing to actual 3D profiling of the tubulars in the workshop.

“Back then, there was no standard available for the transfer of files from the CAD export of 3D models of pipe connections as part of the production process. So in a way, HGG, in cooperation with Tekla creates a space for creativity, allowing for realizing even the most daring design ideas! “, adds Mr. van Dee.

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