Fabricating high quality constructions starts with high quality computer aided design (CAD). AVEVA Marine is well-known in the market for computer aided design and manufacturing of shipbuilding and offshore projects. It allows shipyards to plan and execute the most complex constructions.

As a high-tech designer in the shipbuilding industry, you probably use CAD-software, like AVEVA Marine, to design and detail your models. A CAD model contains a lot of data about the different parts in a construction. Traditionally, people would have to re-program all this data manually before the parts can be cut on a profiling machine like the PCL600. Without a connection between AVEVA Marine and your profile cutting machine, there is a lot of unnecessary and time consuming manual programming with a high risk for human errors.

Connecting AVEVA Marine to HGG ProCAM means a seamless handover of your cutting data, directly to your profile cutting machine. This connection can save you up to 80% of manual work preparation time.