Cutting meets Welding: Empowering your journey through automation


May 27th and 28th | HGG Headquarters, The Netherlands

Are you facing challenges in attracting and retaining skilled craftsmen, hindering your company’s growth? Then, our event is a must-attend for you. In collaboration with Pemamek, HGG invites you to a pivotal event aimed at revolutionizing your fabrication processes. Cutting Meets Welding is not just an event; it’s a portal to the future of fabrication, designed for those who are ready to overcome the industry’s skilled labor shortage and embrace cutting- and welding automation.

Why Attend?

  • Innovative Solutions:
    Witness the synergy between HGG’s leading-edge 3D profiling technology and Pemamek’s advanced welding automation. Explore how these solutions can overcome your current challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth.
  • Live Demonstrations:
    Experience the magic live! From the precise cut of a nozzle to the seamless welding finish, see firsthand how our equipment operates in real-time, offering you a glimpse into the efficiency and quality you can expect.
  • Expert Insights:
    Hear from seasoned industry professionals who have successfully integrated our technologies into their operations. Gain valuable insights from their experiences and learn how you can replicate their success.
  • Networking Opportunities:
    Connect with industry leaders, innovators, and peers. Discover new trends, share ideas, and forge partnerships that will lead your business into the future.
  • Lively engagements:
    savor Dutch hospitality and join in on casual meetups for a blend of learning and enjoyment in a dynamic and friendly setting.

Questions to consider:

  • Why is automation the key to overcoming industry challenges?
  • What lasting benefits does streamlined cutting and welding offer?
  • How can you skilfully navigate the transition to automation?
  • Is the investment in transformation justifiable?

Meet the solutions:

  • HGG ProCutter 900RB: Meet the best of both worlds. Material handling automation combined with HGG’s proven 3D cutting technology.
  • HGG SPC 1500 – 3000 PT: The solution when it comes down to the heavy wall and big OD vessel or offshore structures cutting needs.
  • HGG RPC1200 MKIII: The flagship 3D Robot Profiling machine, see the future of structural profiling and its impact on your projects.
  • HGG RoboRail: The solution for all your miscellaneous cutting needs.
  • PEMA Skytrack: Witness the next level of welding automation, offering unmatched efficiency and quality.