Pipe profiler with rollerbed

ProCutter 900 RB

  • Minimum
    48 mm
  • Maximum
    914 mm

Pipe profiler; affordable leap in productivity

The ProCutter 900 RB is the pipe profiler that will further optimize your tube profiling process. The ProCutter 900 RB is rigid and durable, providing the ability to cut with the highest accuracy in the market. Including a hydraulic side-ways offload system for increased productivity.


Roller bed

Roller bed

Transport pipe lengths straight towards the maindrive with controlled precision and speed. Raise the pipe for rotation and flip finished pipes onto the outfeed table.

Outfeed table

Outfeed table

Keep going while you store finished profiles next to each other on a stable frame and pick material off when you are able to.

Pantograph cutting head

Pantograph cutting head

Exeptional accuracy and maximum repeatability to do perform high quality cuts and bevels without rework.


ProCutter 900 RB (imperial) Ø 2 – 36" 5.5t
ProCutter 900 RB (metric) Ø 48 mm–914 mm 5t
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • CAD Connection CAD Connection

3D Profiling shapes

Here is a selection of profiling shapes for realizing connections on pipes and tubes:


A pipe-to-plate connection.

Saddle set-in & Hole set-in

For pressure connections with a much smaller branch pipe diameter.

Reinforcement Pad

To save material costs by reinforcement of the weakest point on ‘Saddle-Hole’ connections.

Mark Janning – MMC Contractors, Fabrication Shop Manager
"The quality of the cuts have come off the machine have been phenomenal. None of our fitters had any complaints, even down to the pickiest guy in the shop. Going from a hand cutting, to a primitive machine, to a fully automated machine that will do anything. We could never go back."
Mark Janning – MMC Contractors, Fabrication Shop Manager
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Want to know more about our CNC Pipe Cutting Machines, the ProCutter 600 or ProCutter 900?

Ask our 3D Profiling experts:

Pipe Profiler Applications

What is your greatest worry in a fabrication process? Is it the complexity of the design, poor production flow management, inefficient material handling with too much material waste, loss of control over the operating expenses, or the lack of highly skilled welders? Then, how do you deal with the increasingly tough demands and regulations placed on welded structural design?

Mechanical construction

From small to large pipe sizes, the flexibility of this tube profiling machine can cut all your spools, connections and reinforcement pads to quickly produce full pipe structures. With weld preparations directly included, fitting time after the production process is even further reduced. The logistics can easily help you produce close to 100 foot of pipes per day.

Steel Construction

Volumes and pipe sizes differ from project to project, demanding a flexible pipe profiler that prevents machinery from sitting idle in the workshop. Using traditional methods for pipe profiling, a fabricator can typically cut 10-20 tons of pipe per day. With an HGG tube profiling machine, a fabricator can easily cut over 40 tons of pipes a day.

Industry application: pipe profiler for stadiums, bridges, theme parks, expo centers, airport structures, shopping malls, cranes, trusses.


Process Piping

HGG’s pipe profiler ProCutter 900 RB can automate and simplify the way fabricators keep welding booths supplied with enough spools cut to tolerance, preventing skilled welders from wasting their time fitting. Preparing a typical header with 82 beveled holes, is typically reduced from 26 hours to 2 hours.

Industry application: pipe profiler for skids, frames, spools, manifolds, pipe lines, headers lobster backs, boilers, nozzles.

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