As you already know, HGG is internationally recognized for our knowledge and expertise in 3D profiling, as well as our capability to develop and build cutting edge 3D profiling machine solutions. What you may not know, we are often asked by other market leaders to collaborate, helping other companies develop, innovate and build their own cutting edge steel processing machine solutions. Today, we’re proud to report that many of these cutting edge application solutions are in use throughout the world. We are also proud to report they are ‘Powered by HGG.’



Fast forward to the present. At Fabtech 2017 in November, Peddinghaus proudly introduced the Peddibot, a Peddinghaus machine equipped with HGG’s high-end cutting technology. Just as HGG is internationally recognized for our 3D profiling and robotics expertise, Peddinghaus is one of the most recognized names in the American steel construction market. Consequently, it made perfect sense to join forces, collaborate and create an ideal beam-cutting machine solution. The end result, the exciting new Peddibot, Powered by HGG!



Over 10 years ago, HGG and Tekla decided to collaborate and develop a more advanced steel processing capability. By joining forces, we developed an open source file format for tube and pipe, which allows seamless integration from design and detailing to actual 3D tube and pipe profiling in the workshop. The end result, there is now a unique new library of specialized HGG components that allows users to model root gap, welding preparation, and slotted holes for immediate and direct export of cutting data from the model. High-end Tekla software, Powered by HGG!


Messer Cutting Systems

Thermal Cutting at its Best

In 2014, HGG entered into a strategic alliance with Messer Cutting Systems, one of the leading global suppliers of thermal cutting systems. Both HGG and Messer decided to consolidate resources and competence so that we could present both companies and our capabilities more broadly to the world market, while consolidating and extending our leading world market positions. The result so far: a brand new Messer pipe-cutting machine, Powered by HGG!



Also in 2014, Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, announced the launch of a modified HPRXD torch. Unfortunately, HGG’s unique high-end machine design was not compatible with Hypertherm’s regular HPRXD torch. To successfully couple HGG’s equipment with Hypertherm’s industry leading line of HyPerformance HPRXD systems required a joint development effort. Together, we created a shorter, non-quick disconnect torch assembly that is capable of a proper beveling motion within the HGG 3D cutting chamber. The end result from this joint effort, Hypertherm launched its brand new ‘Short Torch’ at Euroblech 2014, Powered by HGG!


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