From time to time HGG comes across a secondhand used by profiling machine as part of a trade in. Today, we have a 2018 PC 600 pipe profiling cutting machine capable of cutting 2 to 24 inches in diameter and up to 40 feet long in pipe length. A certified HGG service engineer will go through the entire machine and replace any wear down items to bring it up to standards including updating the software. The PC 600 will be ready any time after November 15, 2020 and it can be installed at your facility within a couple weeks. Installation and training are included along with a 6 month warranty. This machine was originally sold for $265,000.


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More information about the pre-owned 2018 ProCutter 600

  • Main frame for pipe lengths up to 40 feet
  • Pipe support trolley 1.5-ton quantity 4
  • adjustable main drive, absorbs the variation in centerline height in case of diameter variation. The main drive is equipped with a solid self-centering 3-jaw chuck.
  • the cutting trolley includes the pantograph Cutting Head. The cutting head integrates simultaneous torch movement of +45 degrees or -45 degrees. The remote control is attached to the cutting trolley. Two sensor arms, at each side of the cutting torch, keep the torch material distance constant. The cutting trolley includes the control unit.
  • Fume exhaust system PC600 System to extract fumes, gasses, and sparks through the pipe by a chuck exhaust inside the main drive. A filtration unit is not included.
  • Fume extraction and particle filter unit DFPRO 4
    • Fume extraction and particle filter unit including connection to the machine exhaust system.
  • Hypertherm PowerMax 125
    • 125 Amp plasma system which uses air or nitrogen to cut mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Including mini machine torch and operator protection glass. Including consumable starter kit. Cutting length for mild steel and stainless steel is up to 45 mm (1.8 inch).
  • Oxyfuel acetylene low volume
    • Low volume oxyfuel cutting system cut mild steel. Cutting length for mild steel is up to (2 inch).
  • Punch marker mounted on the left side of the cutting trolley.
  • Offline license key One license for one offline user. This license is offline available for the user once the license key (hardware) is directly connected to the working station.
  • ProGram MDI Module This package includes the parameter based manual programming module MD (Manual Data Input). The 3D viewer allows the user to check programmed parts and weld preparations before production.
  • ProGram Nesting Module This advanced nesting module saves scrap material by automatically arranging (3D) the parts the most efficient way.
  • ProCAD CAD/CAM Interface SolidWorks for Tubes This interface can process STEP files of parts exported by SolidWorks to easily create cutting files. All selected material types supported.
  • Machine software for Text Marking and Layout Marking

This software package offers the programming and processing of text markings to easily track and trace parts. Layout marking is supported as well for rapid laying out and fit-up of parts. see the technical data for the available marking devices and their marking features.

  • UPC machine software Intuitive machine GUI optimized for touch operation.
  • Standard macro shapes
  • Miter hole and saddle to make equal diameter pipe to pipe connections for low pressure piping.
  • Oblong hole to fit inserted plates at pipe ends or to create intermediate oblong holes.
  • Saddle A pipe to pipe connection in tubular structures.
  • Saddle PJP for small sloped and highly dynamic pipe to pipe connections. Easy cutting, fitting, and welding.
  • Saddle set-in for pressure connections with a smaller branch pipe diameter.
  • Hole set-in X-bevel A hole with advanced beveling options for weld volume reduction on thick walled pipes.
  • Nozzle set-in A quick fit method for perpendicular piping connections.
  • Reinforcement pad to save material costs by reinforcement of the weakest point on saddle-hole connections.
  • Training, commissioning
  • The supervision of the installation and commiss0ioning of the machine, as well as the training of the operator at the premises of the client.