Sharon Koelemeijer
Account Manager
At HGG since 01-09-2014

‘It’s very nice to work at such an international company as HGG’

I joined HGG at the second half of 2014. During the 1st year, before I became an Account Manager, I was working as a Junior Service Coordinator. My work as an Account Manager consists of the daily communication regarding orders, questions and doubts of customers and ensuring a proper alignment between customers wishes and the capabilities of HGG.

What is it like to work at HGG?

I like the work atmosphere here at HGG, it is very informal and open. For instance, if you have questions towards colleagues or the directors of the company you can easily approach them. We are always enjoying a nice and fun atmosphere at the Customer Support department. Everyone at HGG is very respectful and helpful. I really like the general dynamic of my work. There is not a single day looking like the previous one.

Is HGG helping you to further develop your potential?

I have learnt a lot ever since I started working at HGG. It is very nice to work at such an international company as HGG because one learns how to communicate successfully across various cultures. Also, I improved my customer relations skills, which is essential for my job. What I’ve also learnt is how to deal with complex and urgent issues, which we have to deal with on a regular basis at the customer support department. As a result I’ve improved my problem-solving capability.

What about HGG do you like most?

There is a strong culture of cooperation at HGG. For example, at the moment I am working very closely with a colleague from the Software Engineering department on a project. In a very short time we became a very good team and we managed to solve the challenge the customer was facing. I find that eager cooperation is very important in order to feel as part of a team.



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