Hanneke van Hooijdonk
Marketing Manager
At HGG since 01-06-2013

‘No two days are the same here at HGG. My work is very diverse’

After working as a marketing manager in a retail organization and a software development company, I started working for HGG in 2013. Back in 2013, my focus was mainly on optimizing trade shows, exhibitions and other events. Now that we have that on a high professional level, my focus moved more toward marketing automation and campaign building.

Why did you want to work for HGG?

Being a competitive perfectionist, I always strive for more. Get the most out of every situation and always strive for perfection. After working for a retail organization and software development company for a few years, it was time for a more challenging job. I wanted to work for a high-tech company, a specialist, and help them to make the world aware of their technical knowledge and excellent and high-tech solutions. I found that challenge here at HGG.

What is it like to work for HGG?

Already during my first visit at HGG I noticed that everyone here is very passionate about their job. That passion drives everyone to get the most out of every situation. HGG is a high-tech company with a lot of knowledge about our specialism, 3D Profiling, as well as knowledge about the related processes.

Does HGG help to further develop your potential?

Growth is one of the core values of HGG. Together with Passion, Growth is probably the core value that fits me the most. In a world of high-tech solutions and fast changing markets, marketing is developing faster than ever. Although we work in a conservative market, changing are coming here as well. Were in retail marketing automated marketing campaigns are daily business, it’s still pretty new in our market. In order to stay ahead of the competition, we need to move along with these developments. I like to try new technologies (even though not always common in our market) and HGG gives me the freedom to develop myself in that direction. Also getting the freedom to create new marketing campaigns and strategies helps to accelerate my personal growth.

What about HGG do you like the most?

No two days are the same here at HGG. My work is very diverse. One day I’m working on automated marketing campaigns, making sure we offer our ‘fans’ the best new knowledge articles on a monthly basis, the next day I can be ‘on the road’ to shoot a video to recruit new colleagues and show potential new colleagues what a great job opportunities we have. From storytelling to campaign building and from online marketing to print catalogues; we do it all here at HGG’s marketing department.

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