Anna Choi
Marketing Manager Asia Pacific
At HGG since 01-02-2015

‘Maintaining good relationship with my colleagues is very important to me’

I have already had experience working in Marketing Communications before I started working at HGG. I’ve worked both in Asia and in the USA in international companies, such as HGG. I enjoy working with different cultures and that is why I was looking for an international company to work at.

What is it like to work at HGG?

HGG is a really nice company to work at because you get lots of support right from the beginning. The majority of our potential customers approaching us come from businesses dealing with manual cutting. That is why my main task is to introduce them with the ways their business can benefit from using our products. So it is rather a dialogue we are engaging ourselves in than a one-way commercial communication. I believe this is the right approach to the customer and I am glad to be able to engage it here at HGG.

Is HGG helping you to further develop your potential?

There are plenty of opportunities to improve and develop my professional skills within HGG. We have many different cultures within our region: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, among others. All those require different approach and have their peculiarities. I am gaining valuable skills on how to communicate with other cultures across the Asia Pacific region.

What about HGG do you like most?

Personal relationship with the colleagues and team work are very important to me. I recognize both of those values at HGG’s work atmosphere. Also, in Asia there is a big distance between the manager and the employees. I was very surprised to find out that this is different in Europe, and in particular the Netherlands. My HGG colleagues from the HQ are all very open and helpful.


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