Dominique Doorje
Senior Sales Engineer
Working at HGG since 01-01-2008

‘I enjoy working with such a young team a lot’

I started working as a Sales Engineer at HGG in 2008. Since the summer of 2015 I’m a Senior Sales Engineer and my new role consist of detecting new opportunities and staying ahead of the competition. Staying innovative enables us to offer the best solutions to our customers. It is about bonding more and more with the customer and looking for the best solutions.

What is it like to work at HGG?

HGG is a very dynamic company. I enjoy working with such a young team a lot. Everyone is very driven. HGG is not a company for someone resistant to change. HGG is growing constantly: in knowledge and in size. One should be able to stay flexible, be independent and proactive enough to find his/her own way around. You see people passionate about their work everywhere within HGG. I often get customers’ feedback that our sales force is very passionate about our products. All our products start with a crazy idea in which eventually everyone puts their best effort into realizing it. It is very motivating to work with people who are passionate about their work. Everyone is equally respected at the company – from the 17-year old student to the top management.

Is HGG helping you to further develop your potential?

I’ve learnt a lot about the technical aspects of the industry. One needs to be able to read technical drawings and specifications, understand the market needs and therefore reason his/her advice to the customer. I’ve also developed my commercial communication skills. I always say “You shouldn’t be afraid of your customer. You need to eagerly want to build a relationship with him/her.”.

What about HGG do you like most?

The work is very variable. There is not a single day that looks like the other. This variety is very important to me because I enjoy overcoming challenges. There is a nice balance between the on-field job, which involves travelling, and the office such. What I enjoy the most is the direct communication with different parties and I get plenty of such opportunities here at HGG.


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