Vítor Gil Vitorino Pinheiro
Software Engineer
At HGG since 01-11-2014

‘I am constantly gaining new skills’

I have a MSc. Degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering. What I am doing here at the company is enabling the machines to cut anything that the customer needs – any cut or extraordinary application. I especially like the combination between software development and electronics, so that I have lots of hands-on testing work with the machine, and not only sitting behind the computer the whole day. Also, the mix between natural sciences and computer sciences is very nice and I enjoy it a lot.

What is it like to work at HGG?

I came directly from my home country – Portugal – and started working at HGG. Everyone has been very welcoming to me since the very beginning. Everyone here at the HQ in the Netherlands speaks English to me, so I haven’t experienced any language barrier whatsoever. That helped me a lot in order to feel well-integrated right from the beginning.

Is HGG helping you to further develop your potential?

I am very happy with my work at HGG. This is my first t experience as a dedicated software engineer. I have previous experience as an Electrical engineer and with my work at HGG as a software engineer I am constantly gaining new skills. Learning something new every day is very important because personal development is very important to me. I find that HGG provides anyone who wants to learn more with plenty of opportunities to do so.

What I also find extremely nice is the Personal Development program running at the company. With the help of your manager you can find a topic in which both you and the company are interested in. I find this opportunity very interesting.

What about HGG do you like most?

It is important for me to feel passionate about my work. When you stop noticing the time passing by while working, when you are in the state of flow, you realize that you have real passion for your work. This is how I feel about my work here at HGG. It is almost like an addiction, especially when I have something new and challenging to solve. If you enjoy what you do you’ll never have to work a day in your life!


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