Cutting a 35.000t offshore oil rig with numerous bracings: welding redoes come at a high price

Penglai Jutal Offshore Engineering (PJOE) is a construction company fabricating offshore oil rigs. With the company’s constant workload of tons of pipes to be cut every day, achieving highly accurate cuts is of crucial importance. Spending too much time on welding redoes was starting to harm the production schedule and delivery times, therefore the customers’ satisfaction too. The times for welding had to be highly optimized while the welding requirements for pipe bracings are becoming increasingly demanding. The rigs and jackets PJOE manufactures consist of a wide range of pipe diameters. For those reasons PJOE started looking for an automated cutting solution to realize highly accurate cuts on pipes from a large diameter range.

“There was no room for error! A final construction of low quality would not meet our company’s investors and partners expectations.”
Mr. Zhang Long – Procurement Manager at PJOE

Fabrication Glory: No more welding redoes due to poor cutting quality

Having the HGG RBPC pipe cutting machine PJOE is now able to cut with utmost precision the entire pipe diameter range used in the company’s fabrication works (1m – 2550mm). The accurate cuts with a bevel produced with the RBPC result in pipes that fit perfectly and require a minimum of welding volume. As a result PJOE is now spending less time and manpower on welding with outcome looking better than ever before. Welding redoes are no longer an issue for PJOE. “HGG’s equipment covered all the 3 most important things for PJOE in a profiling machine: capability to cut a wide diameter range, reliable equipment and high cutting accuracy. “,Mr. Zhang Long – Procurement Manager at PJOE summarizes.

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