Sealevel Construction, based in Thibodaux, Louisiana, has over 25 years of experience in heavy civil construction. During this time, the types of projects Sealevel specializes in, such as structural steel, helical pilings, and flood control, experience increasing demands for precision, efficiency, and the ability to meet ever tighter deadlines. Challenging demands in a market where skilled craftmanship is becoming more and more scares. The need for automation became evident. Tyler Glaze, Industrial Division Manager, expressed, ‘That automation to be able to take somebody who isn’t quite as skilled and experienced and to turn him around into somebody who is really making an impact on your company is a game-changer.’

Meeting the demanding deadlines of these projects whilst keeping the commitment and dedication that Sealevel is known for in the Southern States required a direct solution. Brennen Cooley, Product Manager at Specks Fabrication, explained, ‘Previously, we had to lay everything out by hand and cut everything by hand. A lot of jobs would say that they needed the jobs done in 4 weeks’ time, before we would be struggling to be able to meet those lead-times. Now it’s as easy as uploading a 3D model to the machine and it’s popping it out.’

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The ProCutter 600 – A Game-Changer

Finding the right machine for the job turned to be a learning experience. Tyler stated, ‘We began with a smaller unit pipe profiler and quickly realized that to sustain our growth, we needed a more robust and technologically advanced solution. Something that could work accurately and quickly and produce quality product.’ The ProCutter proved to be the perfect fit, offering the next level of automation using 3D technology, including HGG’s ProCAM software, while remaining affordable and easy to train personnel on.

Justin Chaisson, foreman over helicals, praises the program’s ease, saying, ‘It’s step by step, and especially the 3D feature is a cool thing. You can see what you are making before starting. So, if you miss a hole or anything, you’ll catch it before cutting. Just push the buttons and watch it do the work.’

“It’s truly the Heartbeat of Operations”

The acquisition of the ProCutter 600 has marked a significant milestone for Sealevel Construction, elevating the volume and scale of projects they can undertake. Tyler emphasized, ‘Our capacity and production would be severely reduced without having this machine. It’s now truly the heartbeat of our operations.

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