Cutting angle bars and other profiles with weld preparation

Profile Cutting Services

  • Minimum
    75x75 mm
  • Maximum
    1220x430 mm

Let us do the profile cutting!

We provide a broad range of profile cutting services to help you cut the shapes you need on the steel material of your choice with utmost accuracy and with a bevel. All of our CNC machines are developed and produced in-house. Once we cut your shapes with a bevel, count on parts to arrive at your facility, ready for fast and easy fitting and welding. To receive your parts on time, we provide flexible transportation arrangements.



尺寸 75x75mm -1220x430mm (3x3" - 48x16.9") 跟踪和查询 Permanent and non permanent marking
地点 At HGG 计算机辅助设计 Autocad, Tekla and many others
材料 Angle bar (un)equal, T bar, Channel 认证 ISO 9001; Lloyds 3.1 & 3.2; Declaration of conformity NEN 1090
Vincent van Loon- Production Manager - HGG

“We can cut all the stiffeners you need for fabricating your vessels: bulbs, strips, angles and T bars.”

Vincent van Loon- Production Manager - HGG

Cutting Angle Bars Application

What is your greatest worry in a fabrication process? Is the it complexity of the design, poor production flow management, too much material waste, loss of control over the operating expenses or the lack of highly skilled welders? Then, how do you deal with the increasingly tough demands and regulations on welded structural design?

Cargo Ships

Achieving fabrication efficiency and high throughput are key goals within the highly competitive cargo vessels fabrication market. Shipyards using traditional profile cutting methods experience difficulties in achieving those targets. We can cut your material on our highly productive stiffener profile cutting machines, so that you can reach your fabrication targets.

Industry application: Cutting angle bars for flat panel, double bottom constructions, subassemblies, bulkheads, webs, micro-panel in LNG carriers, super tankers, container ships, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, RoRo vessels, ice breakers, FPSO’s Supply boat, crane ships, Hopper

Naval Ships

Naval ships are fabricated out of a large number of different size and length stiffeners. Material handling, material sorting and part nesting are extremely complex. We can cut your material on our stiffener cutting machines, helping you to shorten your fabrication cycle significantly.

Industry application: Cutting angle bars for flat panel, double bottom constructions, subassemblies, bulkheads, webs, micro panel in air craft carriers, patrol boats, cruisers, frigates, hospital ships etc.

Mega Yachts

In the demanding world of mega yacht fabrication, flexibility is key when dealing with last minute changes. Plus, when handling exotic material production batches containing numerous short and small stiffeners, quality often comes second. Use HGG profile cutting services instead. We can cut your material using highly productive profile cutting machines that can handle a wide size range.

Industry application: Cutting angle bars for flat panel, double bottom constructions, subassemblies, bulkheads, webs, micro panel in super yachts, mega yachts, sailing yachts, motor yachts etc.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are also characterised by an enormous volume and variety of small and short stiffeners. Fabrication automation has been long adopted in these yards, where strict requirements must be met with respect to integration with panel lines in the yard. With extensive experience in profile cutting, we can help you optimize your process.

Industry application: Cutting angle bars for flat panel, double bottom constructions, subassemblies, bulkheads, webs, micro panel in cruise ships, cruise liners, passenger ships etc.

Step 1

Contact us and get an expert advice on profile cutting
We understand the challenges you face and we learn from them. With years of experience, we can provide expert advice on welded connections, design and detailing. Expect perfect details on your cut materials that will in-turn shorten your overall throughput time. Our 3D Profiling experts will also make an initial price calculation for you.

Step 2

Send us your preliminary drawings and receive a quotation
The limitations you face during the design phase of a project are eliminated with our in-house developed software. Our wide range of CAD connections can extract needed data from your own CAD model. Time consuming manual programming is no longer necessary. You can save extra time and costs on work preparation and delivery. Send us your digital drawings or NC data and we will import them directly into our CAM system.

Step 3

Send us over your raw materials and coordinate the planning
Once you send your materials and final drawings to our location, we have everything we need. At our stockyard, your materials will be taken care of by a team of experienced machine operators. Choosing plasma or oxy fuel, your material will be cut into ready-to-weld parts. And finally, to fit your tight schedule and to not slow down your fabrication process, count on HGG flexibility.

Step 4

Receive all cut parts ready for fitting and welding
With a flexible manpower and equipment capacity in our job shop, we can guarantee short delivery times. When the parts arrive at your facility, they are ready for fitting. Then, during the fitting process, you will realize just how much a perfect fit saves you time and costs on welding.




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