Freedom to Grow

What is your greatest concern in a construction project? Is it the workflow, the complicated design and welded connections involved, the precision or material waste? HGG 3D Profiling will easily check mark all these boxes for you. Our technology hands you the freedom to draw, construct and complete your projects allowing your company to grow!

Our machines offer you complete freedom to execute complicated profiling in steel pipes, beams, box sections and other profiles regardless of size and specifications. You will eliminate grinding and reduce both fitting and welding time, simply because you can produce clean, exact cuts. That is why our profiling machines are present in the world’s leading construction, shipbuilding and offshore companies and in the process piping industry.

HGG 3D Profiling subcontracting services

We know this for a fact, because we don’t just design and build outstanding 3D Profiling machines, we also use them every day. HGG 3D Profiling subcontracting services handle roughly 250 tons of material per week. That is how we get the understanding and insights that allows us to design and build the best profiling machines in the world. And since HGG is all about freedom, we’re quite happy to share our knowledge and software with you.

Our customers come from more than 60 countries and we have a worldwide sales and customer support partner network. HGG currently employs over 120 professionals around the globe, with local representatives in Europe & Russia, the Middle East, India & North Africa (MEIA), as well as Asia Pacific and North America.

Strategic partnerships

In recent years the HGG family has further expanded by forming strategic partnerships with other industry leaders: Tekla, Hypertherm and Messer. By forming these alliances we continue on our quest of automating craftsmanship to give the world of steel the freedom to create!

Here at HGG we believe it is important to deliver value to our customers by offering products that meet their requirements, and that we deliver consistent performance. As an extra method of keeping a constant control over the quality of our products HGG has acquired the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Automating Craftsmanship

We automate craftmanship to give the world of steel the freedom to create! Our strength lies in the unique synergy between our two business entities. One part of the company focuses on developing and producing customized 3D Profiling machines, while the other performs 3D Profiling services for third parties with our in-house built machines.

Cutting Machines

We focus on developing and producing customized 3D Profiling machines for your specific demands. With our machines you get highly accurate cut results with a bevel.

Cutting Services

We perform 3D Profiling services for you with our in-house built machines. When cutting your material at HGG, you also benefit from HGG 3D Profiling specialists’ technological expertise. We help you with design & detailing. 3D Profiling is done on our machines. With them, we can get your parts ready for fast and easy fitting and welding.

What inspired the founders back in 1984?

Back in 1984 there was a steel construction company based in a small town about 50km north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This company used to cut pipes by hand, facing the same challenges our current customers face using manual cutting: the need for higher productivity, hard to find highly-skilled craftsman, increasingly stringent safety and fabrication quality requirements and demand for complex and extraordinary structure designs.

Facing all those challenges, three engineers from the company – Hans Helmhout (H), Piet Goverse (G) and Pieter Glijnis (G) decided on an ambitious project – to develop the 1st pipe-profiling machine. The goal was clear: to achieve fabrication freedom by automating their craftsmanship!

The progressive-thinking team of three knew there was only one approach to do this: to develop a machine that solves not only the need for higher productivity, but would dedicate special attention to incorporating smart weld preparation features into their cutting equipment.

Shortly after successfully realizing the project back in 1985, the HGG Group was founded by one of the three engineers – Pieter Glijnis. From there, the company departed on its journey to further advance the world of manual cutting by offering 3D Profiling cutting solutions – both cutting equipment and cutting services – to third parties.

What keeps us inspired

We pioneered the field of 3D Profiling more than 30 years ago, and we continue to master it today, while maintaining our initial focus: to continue our mission of automating craftsmanship, while giving the world of steel the freedom to create!