In the industry, it is common to see pioneering companies individually trying to bring their technologies to the market place, resulting in a slow distribution of technology. Instead, technology should be developed to help the market place obtain more freedom by materializing constructions from the drawing board to the actual use by people.

Mutual Trust and Appreciation

Within HGG there is an underlying atmosphere of mutual trust and appreciation. This extends to our customers, partners and suppliers. We highly value the opinion of our global network of colleagues and regional representatives who help us accurately grasp cultural diversity and local market needs. This open-minded attitude enables HGG to successfully continue striving for excellence in the solutions we provide our customers.

Enthusiasm for Finding New Opportunities

Although market-driven, our work approach has always been highly innovative. We put constant effort in anticipating the future needs of customers by embracing new technologies and developing advanced solutions. Adopting innovation is the only way to sustain our team’s prominent enthusiasm for solving new challenges.

Together We Achieve More

We firmly believe in team-work and sharing knowledge. It is this eager exchange of experience and knowledge that fuels our development and fosters the collective genius of the HGG team. The key to our success is eagerly welcoming our partners and customers into the HGG family. As a result, the solutions we strive for are the product of close cooperation and open communication.

With this model, the HGG group is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Freedom to Grow

Growth is crucial to sustaining continuity in a constantly evolving market and essential for the realisation of ambitions. Our experience and knowledge grows every day. Each new project brings us valuable new insights, which we in-turn translate into developing innovative solutions.

“By teaming up with industry partners, the sum of this knowledge helps to serve the market with solutions which interface with processes upstream and downstream. We truly believe that the sum of the efforts of all industry partners will then help accelerate the overall market growth.”, Igor Gieltjes – Commercial Director at HGG


See below a list of HGG’s strategic partners:

Tekla from Trimble

We joined forces with Tekla – now known as Trimble – in the development of an open file format for tubulars, which allows seamless integration from design and detailing to actual 3D profiling of the tubulars in the workshop.


Our cooperation with Hypertherm resulted in the development of a short torch, allowing compact and controlled robot movements with a maximum of material access.


Together with Peddinghaus we created the Peddibot 1200. This machine sets the standard for Thermal cutting machines in the US market.

Kjellberg Finsterwalde

For several years we’ve been working together with Kjellberg to give you the best option for your specific needs for the cutting torches.

Messer Cutting Systems (MCS)

While maintaining our specialty in the area of 3D Profiling of all non-flat material, we joined forces with Messer Cutting Systems, which gave us access to the entire range of CNC cutting machinery from a single source.


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