In the industry, it is common for companies to independently bring their technologies to the market, resulting in slow technology distribution. However, at HGG, we believe that technology should be developed to empower the market by bringing technology from the drawing board to actual use more in the work field.

We approach our work with enthusiasm for finding new opportunities and constantly anticipate the future needs of our customers by embracing new technologies and developing advanced solutions. We believe that innovation is essential to sustain our team’s eagerness to solve new challenges.

Together We Achieve More

We firmly believe in teamwork and knowledge sharing. Our collective genius is fueled by the eager exchange of experience and knowledge among our team, partners, and customers. We consider our partners and customers as part of the HGG family, and our solutions are the result of close cooperation and open communication.

Give the world of steel the freedom to create

We recognize that growth is crucial for sustainability in a constantly evolving market and essential for realizing our ambitions. Our experience and knowledge grow with each new project, providing us with valuable insights that we use to develop innovative solutions. We believe that by teaming up with industry partners and combining our collective knowledge, we can serve the market with solutions that interface with processes upstream and downstream, accelerating overall market growth.


Pemamek is a globally renowned provider of cutting-edge automated welding and production automation solutions for top-notch steel fabrication. The seamless integration of 3D profiling and automated welding is crucial for optimizing the fabrication process in steel manufacturing. Pemamek and HGG collaborate to share expertise on further optimizing the integration, which we refer to as “Where Cutting Meets Welding.”


Since 2016 Peddinghaus and HGG joined forces to disrupt the US steel market. The first major project born from this collaboration is the Peddibot 1200. This Peddinghaus machine based on technology coming from HGG’s RPC 1200 MK3. A revolution within the market setting the standard for technological excellence and support.


With more than 130 years of metalworking experience Kaltenbach is an established name in the global industry. A collaboration between Kaltenbach and HGG was born in March 2020 and directly made a major impact in the market with the launch of the Kaltenbach KC 1221.

Automated Layout Technology

We work closely with US based Automated Layout Technology, LLC on the design and testing of HGG’s RoboRail. With their unique insight into the miscellaneous steel industry, they’ve been an instrumental partner of HGG ensuring that the machine offers exactly what the fabshop owners need.

Tekla from Trimble

We joined forces with Tekla – now known as Trimble – in the development of an open file format for tubulars, which allows seamless integration from design and detailing to actual 3D profiling of the tubulars in the workshop.

SDS2 by Allplan

HGG and SDS2 collaborated to develop a dedicated SDS2 plugin for HGG that fulfills the requirements of steel construction companies. By adding this plugin to your existing SDS2 installation, you can effortlessly transfer your designs to HGG’s machines, including the RoboRail.


HGG and Pypeserver have been collaborating since 2019. PypeServer is a well-known modern, intuitive, software system used by numerous of disciplines involved in the workflows of pipe spool design and fabrication. Find out more on the collaboration between HGG and Pypeserver.


The collaboration between the STRUMIS steel management system and HGG’s 3D Profiling machinery has given rise to a smart and intuitive connection. This integration empowers STRUMIS users to seamlessly nest all their sectional work needs through the HGG ProCam nesting system. As a result, STRUMIS users can confidently optimise material usage with maximum productivity, ensuring efficiency at all times.


Our cooperation with Hypertherm resulted in the development of a short torch, allowing compact and controlled robot movements with a maximum of material access.

Kjellberg Finsterwalde

For several years we’ve been working together with Kjellberg to give you the best option for your specific needs for the cutting torches.