Box Section Cutting Machines and Services

With our box cutting machines and box cutting services one can cut any shape on a box section extremely accurately and with a bevel. Our box cutting machines and box cutting services enable you to realize perfectly fitting box section connections on pipes, beams, plates or other box sections resulting in minimized weld volume.

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  • Pipe and Box section Cutting Machine

    MPC 450 I 500–1200

    Pipe and square tube cutting machine for automated 3D pipe and box cutting. The MPC is highly accurate and versatile and combines three machines into one.

    • Quick switch b/n pipe and box cutting
    • Smooth weld details
    • Perfect fit length
    • Minimum
      48 mm
    • Maximum
      1225 mm
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  • Beam Cutting Machine

    RPC 1200

    The RPC 1200 beam cutting machine is a high performance plasma cutting line and the most advanced and productive one in the market. The RPC sets a new standard by offering an entire fab shop in a single machine.

    • Free form
    • Parts that fit
    • H-beam and beyond
    • Minimum
      95 mm
    • Maximum
      1220 mm
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Cutting Services

  • Box Section Cutting Services

    100 - 600mm (4" - 24")

    On our CNC cutting machines we can cut any shape you want with an accurate bevel each and every time.

    • Efficient Weld Prep
    • Minimum Material Waste
    • Short Delivery Times
    More details
    • Minimum
      100x100 mm
      4"x4 "
    • Maximum
      600x400 mm
      24"x16 "

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