My name is Carlos Rodriguez and I´m happy to introduce myself to the rest of my colleagues and to all of our valuable Customers who are also part of the HGG Family. I was born in Mexico 37 years ago, I´m happily married and I´m the proud dad of an amazing 3 years old boy. I have a degree in Mechatronics Engineering with an specialization in Automation and Control. Since before I graduated I started working at one of the Hershey´s Chocolate Plants where I was responsible of the automation and maintenance of half of the plant. After 3 years at Hershey I joined an Italian Company, SCM Group, the largest woodworking machinery manufacturing company in the World based in Italy, where I had the opportunity to live in Italy for 3 months before I moved to the US. In the US I worked as a Field Service Engineer on the 5-Axis router machines and as an Applications Engineer. In 2008 I started working with Messer Cutter Systems, a German Company with a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, the largest thermal cutting machinery fabricator in the World and market leader in North America. With Messer I experienced an interesting journey. I started as a Filed Service Engineer before starting working on both, sales and service for some time to later become the National Manager for Mexico for 8 years. During my time at Messer I had the opportunity to get my MBA and to be part of the MEC Academy, a Messer internal MBA-type training that gave me the opportunity to travel to countries like Germany, Ireland and China with colleagues from all over the world.

In January 2020 I joined the HGG team with the title of Regional Service Manager for North America with the firm goal of providing the best service in the industry and the best after sales experience for our Customers. Besides of my responsibilities as Service Manager, I´m also leading the new stage of HGG in North America with our new facilities in Houston, the addition of new team members and some exiting news that I can´t wait to share with you in the near future.

With HGG I´ve found that the real strength behind the success is the group of passionate and hard working people that make this company the market and technology leader. I’m glad to be part of the HGG Family and I am excited for the future successes and accomplishments that we will have as a company.