HGG Profiling Equipment follows the latest developments and offers you the right equipment and services for transformation of the Offshore Oil & Gas industry into offshore wind. A scale up in this industry is the result of continuous development and demand for a sustainable future.

3D Profiling for the Offshore Wind Industry

As the wind energy market is growing, turbine capacity is growing along with it. Structures to support the increased capacity slowly grow into mega structures. New locations for windfarms lead to new solutions for foundations. In general diameter, thickness and size of the wind towers and foundation need to adept to this expanding market.

Increasing production whilst providing labor safety

The capacity of offshore wind turbines is rapidly growing. This leads to taller and bigger or floating structures to support this capacity. Manufacturing and thus prefabrication is more challenging. This demands to take out the risk of manual labor and provide labor safety. HGG 3D profiling software and machines provide the efficiency and safety in an automation environment that this production process requires.

HGG is a well-known player in these processes, and we rely on a large customer base who are (or have become) active in offshore wind. Next to our existing machines we follow the latest development in this area to provide the right cutting application to support the increase in scale. HGG Machines are designed for the prefabrication of heavy steel structures for offshore purposes.

Application of HGG’s machines in the offshore wind industry

Jackets, Tripods or in general (Lattice) Truss structures are more complex structures compared to monopile foundations. A tripod structure is a three or four leg welded construction connected with horizontal and (tapering) diagonal bracings. Using smaller diameters pipe, the weight and material savings are substantial, still in total giving a stable construction with the right stiffness.

Helping you minimalize the cost of production

Where windfarms have grown exponentially, they were blown offshore. The relative cost for the foundation has increased as a result of going offshore, now the next step is going into deeper water with an ever present drive for larger turbines. Automation is key in optimizing your production flow, in order to minimalize the cost of operation. HGG 3D profiling software and machines provide automation solutions.

Providing our customer with cutting solutions for complicated cutting angles

We have a long history in the offshore market. The challenge has always been to be able to provide our customers with a cutting solution for complicated 3D calculated profiles and extreme cutting angles. When it comes to offshore quality our expertise on full-penetration weld preparation, with an extreme cutting angle of 70 degrees along with scribing/marking options is proven technology that support any complex structure.