Southern Queensland Steel is a family owned steel processing company from Queensland, Australia. Being the state’s premium steel processor, SQS strives to offer their customers both flexibility and versatility with the highest quality. “We add value to our customers steel”, stated Gerrit Teunissen, branch manager at SQS. Since 2019 the company has become a very pleased owner of the RPC1200 beam cutting machine. According to Mr. Teunissen, “HGG has offered an uncompromised level of capability to the business”.

With its large range of long product processing equipment, the company is now able to offer their customers not just processing of their steel; they offer a start to finish support of its customers projects, supplying steel in assemblies to maximize their customers workflow.

The continuous investment in new technology keeps the SQS relevant for their customers. It is that need for innovation which made SQS decide to expand their machinery with HGG’s RPC1200 beam cutting machine

Gerrit Teunissen, Branch manager at SQS paid a visit to HGG’s facility in The Netherlands to see the RPC1200 beam cutting machine in HGG’s own production environment. “It certainly gave us some comfort that HGG had a machine in their facility, identical to the machine we purchased and were planning to bring to Australia. They are working on that machine day in and day out”, Teunissen said. “The Research and development team of HGG works closely with the production team to continue to improve the product and capability of what we can offer to our clients all the way here in Australia”.

After seeing the machine processing its steel in The Netherlands, Gerrit Teunissen was convinced that the RPC1200 beam cutting machine would be the new piece of equipment to help SQS to add even more value to their customers steel.

“The installation was incredible”, Dick Thornton, State manager at SQS, stated. It took only one week to have the machine bolted down, after arrival at SQS facility. One month later, the machine was running production.

“People want to go one-stop, they don’t want to split the order and share it around. They can now just give us all the coping to do and we’ve been picking up lots of coping recently”
Dick Thornton, State Manager - Southern Queensland Steel

Fabrication glory: “There’s not a profile we can’t cut!”

“We have a competitive advantage in the market”, according to Teunissen. “There isn’t a profile we can’t process and produce a finished product on the first attempt”. Southern Queensland Steel is proud of the latest innovation they brought into their facility. Not only because of the high cut quality when cutting haunches, tapers or bevel, but even more when it comes to the specials. “It’s been quite impressive that even the most complex of work that we throw at the HGG, it’s been able to produce that with high quality and excellent accuracy”, Teunissen said. Thornton added “The RPC could cut RHS around the corner and cuts the flanges away to the web better than any other machine could do”.

The RPC1200 beam cutting machine helped Southern Queensland Steel to add even more value to their customers steel. “It helped us grow the business in the fact that we can now do everything”, Mr. Thornton says. “The customer doesn’t have the need to go anywhere else”.

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