Techniques Air Conditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd, based in vibrant Singapore, is a leading expert in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning engineering. Whilst the world was dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Techniques Air decided to take their company philosophy of optimizing labor utilization and productivity, to the next level opting for not one but four HGG 3D Profiling Machines.

At techniques Air’s state-of-the-art 90,000 square-foot pre-fabrication facility, which boasts multiple smart production solutions, they cater to clients across diverse industries such as biomedical research, semiconductors, microelectronics, and data centers. Over the years, they have built an impressive track record in constructing critical systems such as clean rooms, gases and chemical piping, and engineered smoke control systems. The decision to partner with HGG for their profiling machines was based on the exceptional cut accuracy, capability, and efficiency offered by the SPC-series profiling machines and that are paramount for completing their high-demand projects in data centers and air conditioning.

‘With the precision profiling machines of HGG we are able to keep our labor utilisation low and productivity high, in an environment of labor shortages.’
Mr. Paul Moss, Facility Manager, Techniques Modules Facility

Local support from the HGG Asia Team

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Techniques Air and HGG worked closely together with creative and flexible approaches to build and assemble the two SPC 600’s and two SPC 1200’s. The HGG-Asia service team, based in the Philippines, played a pivotal role in maintaining seamless communication by swiftly transitioning from face-to-face to online meetings and providing unwavering technical and service support. Mr. Paul Moss, Facility Manager at Techniques Modules Facility, expressed high satisfaction with the after-sales service support from HGG-Asia service center and praised the efforts of Ms. Rodelyn Tuzon and the entire online technical and service support team.

Solving Labor Shortages

As COVID restrictions eased in the last quarter of 2022, a commission engineer from HGG’s Headquarters in the Netherlands was finally dispatched for final calibration and installation services. With all four SPC machines now fully operational, Techniques Modules Facility in Singapore now boasts the most modern production facility automating craftsmanship to maximize productivity, especially in the face of labor shortages.

Combining precision profiling with automated welding

Mr. Paul Moss proudly shared, “The precision profiling machines of HGG, combined with our automated welding stations, allowed us to quickly catch up on projects after the pandemic ended. We’ve been able to finish all projects on time and within budget.”

Clients visiting Techniques Air’s facility are consistently amazed by the exceptional level of productivity and quality assurance offered by their advanced production setup. Mr. Paul Moss exuded confidence in the partnership with HGG, stating, “Together with HGG, we are poised for great success in our specialty air conditioning business.”

The commitment to innovation, productivity, and quality, coupled with the support from HGG, has propelled them to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and achieve remarkable success in their specialized field of air conditioning engineering. Their cutting-edge production facility, powered by HGG’s advanced profiling machines, has positioned them at the forefront of today’s industry.


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