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HGG’s RoboRail featured in FFJournal March Edition

HGG’s newly introduced RoboRail is featured in this months FFJournal magazine. FFJournal Magazine picked up on the early success of HGG’s recently introduced RoboRail. The machine is featured in this month’s edition zooming in on the solution [...]

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HGG at Advancing Prefabrication 2023

This week the HGG Inc. team was at the Advancing Prefabrication Summit 2023. Besides us being there with a HGG stand our HGG Inc. GM Gerrit Teunissen had a chance to present our solutions to the audience at the show. We are convinced that automation [...]

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Peddibot 1200 | A Peddinghaus machine with a HGG heartbeat

In 2016 HGG and Peddinghaus teamed up to set a new standard within the industry. Bringing technological excellence and 24-hour support ensuring you get the best now, tomorrow, always. Now over 7 years into the partnership more and more shops are [...]

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NEW: The RoboRail All-In-One Robotic Plasma Cutting machine for the Miscellaneous Fabricator

Stairs, rails, ladders, and more: Miscellaneous Fabricators have a set of challenges that require automation. HGG’s RoboRail now offers the Miscellaneous Fabricator an affordable, versatile and powerful solution to replace many traditional [...]

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Gerrit Teunissen Appointed HGG General Manager for North America

After an international search, Gerrit Teunissen has been appointed General Manager for HGG Profiling Equipment operations in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Teunissen, recently relocated from Australia to the USA, will work out of HGG’s [...]

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NEW: World’s first coping robot that truly cuts all profiles!

NEW from HGG, the industry leaders in thermal cutting: World's first coping robot that truly cuts all profiles! For over 35 years HGG is market leader in 3D pipe profiling and the first to deliver a robotic beam profiling machine with reliable [...]

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Next generation RPC soon available

What if your beam cutting machine could cut any profile, even pipes? This July HGG will introduce the RPC 1200 Mk3, the world’s first beam coping robot which can also cut pipes. The long-cherished market desire to have a beam coping robot which [...]

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Perfecting True hole technology on pipes

Hypertherm’s latest generation of plasma cutting systems represent big improvements in plasma cutting technology with higher quality and increased cutting speeds. The design improvements of the cutting head and lower operating costs make the XPR [...]

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Pre-owned 2018 ProCutter600 available

From time to time HGG comes across a secondhand used by profiling machine as part of a trade in. Today, we have a 2018 PC 600 pipe profiling cutting machine capable of cutting 2 to 24 inches in diameter and up to 40 feet long in pipe length. A [...]

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Gerrit Teunissen new HGG Australasia Area Manager

Gerrit Teunissen is an Aussie professional who likes to work hard and play hard. He has over Fifteen years of operations and technical sales experience in the steel and specialty metals industry. He has a background in driving efficiencies for some [...]

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Carlos Rodriguez to join HGG Inc. service team

My name is Carlos Rodriguez and I´m happy to introduce myself to the rest of my colleagues and to all of our valuable Customers who are also part of the HGG Family. I was born in Mexico 37 years ago, I´m happily married and I´m the proud dad of [...]

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