Streamline and integrate cutting and welding

HGG Profiling Equipment BV recently announced a partnership with Pemamek Ltd, “that will dramatically benefit customers of both companies, streamlining and integrating the manufacturing and fabricating processes of precision cutting with high-quality welding.” HGG is internationally recognized for 3D profiling machinery for precisely cutting steel tube, pipe, beams, and 3D part profiles. Pemamek is internationally recognized for providing advanced automated welding and production automation solutions for high-quality steel fabrication.

The newly announced partnership enables both companies to improve operational performance while allowing both companies to strengthen market presence. Spokesmen for both companies say, “Our respective customers will now be able to offer their customers even more value, efficiency as well as a competitive edge.» The synergy between HGG and Pemamek will be dramatic, both companies however will continue to operate as independent entities, with service to their existing customers and industries remaining unchanged.

HGG Profiling Equipment, headquartered in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands, is a leading supplier of pipe cutting machines, robotic profile cutting lines and associated cutting equipment solutions. Pemamek Ltd, headquartered in Loimaa, Finland, is a global leader in welding and production automation for heavy fabrication. Pemamek specializes in designing and manufacturing automated welding and production systems, as well as work-piece handling equipment.


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Partnership HGG and Pemamek