Gerrit Teunissen is an Aussie professional who likes to work hard and play hard. He has over Fifteen years of operations and technical sales experience in the steel and specialty metals industry. He has a background in driving efficiencies for some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest steel suppliers. He is analytical and commercially focused and adept at engineering operations to strengthen sustainability and competitiveness whilst minimising risk.

More about Gerrit

I love spending time with my wife and young family and my passion for triathlon and outdoor sports keeps me feeling like I might have half a chance of keeping up with my two boys and little girl.

My role as Area Manager for Australia and New Zealand provides me an opportunity to travel far and wide across these beautiful southern hemisphere countries. I like nothing better than rolling up my sleeves and discussing process bottlenecks, current and future opportunities for improvement with our customers and how we work together to overcome them. I feel at home out in the workshop and this is where our equipment gets its best work done too. My burning ambition is to see a HGG product helping our customers grow and dominate their markets. Whilst one HGG in every workshop might be a little ambitious, every order is one step closer and we all like to dream!

Other than that, my ambition is to continually improve my approach and process to become a leading salesperson and trusted advisor to our customers. Also to work on an international scale, outside of Australia and New Zealand and to continue growth and development within the exciting and dynamic world of capital equipment sales.

What I will bring to the company is business philosophy of partnering with our customers to deliver a competitive advantage and maximise your return on investment. Equipment specification and optimisation tailored to your individual and unique requirements. I have logistics and materials handling expertise, I will work with you to identify opportunities to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Through layout development I will analyse your production environment holistically and identify opportunities to refine upstream and downstream processes in your business.