HGG recently announced a partnership with PypeServer, providing full compatibility with HGG’s 3D pipe profiling machines. Starting in 2020, PypeServer’s Enterprise™ software will be available as an option for HGG’s affordable ProCutter600 and ProCutter900 3D pipe profiling systems alongside HGG’s proven ProCAM™ software.

“HGG Profiling Equipment is an established and well-known name in the world of 3D Profiling. HGG has an unique expertise in developing automated 3D Pipe Cutting solutions, and through our collaboration, PypeServer’s customers will be able to benefit from it. Moving forward, we now have even better capabilities to provide the most advanced pipe profiling solutions to increase our customers’ production process,” summarizes David Basij, CEO, PypeServer Inc.

PypeServer Enterprise automates and simplifies the Virtual Design and Construction workflows of pipe fabrication from CAD, through detailing, cutting, assembly, install, and inventory tracking. PypeServer’s built-in SQL database lets everyone work more efficiently, including VDC managers, detailers, job planners, estimators, shop foremen, machine operators, welders and on-site installers. With advanced integration between HGG’s 35 years of 3D Pipe Profiling expertise and PypeServer’s software, all pipe-shops will be able to increase productivity, while adding more competitiveness and value to spool production. Customers will benefit from full control over processes, as well as be able to make the best use out of collected production data.

“PypeServer is a well-known modern, intuitive, software system used by numerous of disciplines involved in the workflows of pipe spool design and fabrication. HGG is the global leader in 3D profiling equipment and solutions. The synergy between our technologies is clear. The integration of HGG machinery and PypeServer software is seamless, providing down and up-stream integration within the whole supply-chain. With this partnership, both companies are now able to deliver even more customer value, while strengthening our combined market presence and client network,” describes Wiebe Wiersma, Global Sales Manager, HGG Profiling Equipment BV.

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