HGG just released new HGG ProCAM Lite freeware

HGG ProCAM Lite is developed for manufacturers, fabricators, designers and detailers. It is the first software that enables users to view as well as check 3D cutting details on pipes, beams, bulbs and other profiles prior to cutting. Neither a cutting machine nor viewing software is required for users to benefit from this software and improve cutting productivity.

Our brand new software currently consists of two program parts, a DSTV viewer and a pipe viewer. The software enables users to perform final production data checks without the need for a machine and without having to purchase viewing software. Users can review any DSTV, NC, XML or PCD file, viewing all parameters and weld details, including root openings and markings prior to cutting and production. With ProCAM Lite software, users will be better able to take control over their cutting designs while also improving their workflow, from detailing through production.

This software tool incorporates unique interactive measuring tools for visualizing and validating 3D NC data, reducing cutting errors and providing material savings. Because HGG was the initial developer of the XML PCD file format, HGG ProCAM Lite software is especially beneficial for viewing tubular Tekla structures and tubular connections.

“HGG ProCAM Lite allows you to view any DSTV data or pipe cutting data, created in Tekla. Anyone involved in the project can now check the data in ProCAM Lite before it’s being cut and manufactured”, explains Tekla’s Michael Hodgson.

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