How to get the most out of ShipConstructor and your HGG machine?

A CAD model contains a lot of data about the parts to be cut. Traditionally people would program all this data again to cut the parts. This is a very time consuming and unnecessary process. Thanks to a successful integration, ShipConstructor can easily be connected to an HGG Profile Cutting Line.


SSI ShipConstructor contains a catalog with pre-defined end cuts, cut-outs and penetrations. These tools can be defined and applied to speed-up the detailing process. All parts need to be detailed including markings to guarantee complete extraction of design data.

Data Export

One of the features of SSI Enterprise-Platform PubliserLT is the extraction of design data from the ShipConstructor model. PublisherLT can export parts as enriched .dxf-files which contain all data needed for 3D profiling. The export includes data and geometry of both the part and the markings. HGG’s ProCAD comes with a hardware key to enable import and conversion of these special .dxf-files by ProCAM Framework for further processing.

The integration between SSI ShipConstructor and HGG supports extraction and processing of design data including bevels.

Profiles supported

  • TeesPubliserLT, shipconstructor
  • Bulbs
  • Flats
  • Angles

Importing of other profiles with HGG’s ProCAM Framework like H, I and U beams available on request.

Part geometry

  • ‘End cuts’ of part ends.
  • ‘Cut-outs’ in the web of a profile for crossing profiles.
  • ‘Penetrations’ like holes of piping.
  • ‘Trim angles’ for basic part detailing by straight lined cuts.

Marking geometry

  • ‘Inverse bend lines’ for easy and accurate bending of bulbs;
  • ‘Reference marking’ for easy and accurate fitting of parts;
  • ‘Part ID’s’ of the part itself or the ID of a connecting part.
The application of reference marking

The application of reference marking


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