Cutting haunches is crucial when you’re fabricating portal frames, like hangars or factory halls. A portal frame will save you money on material costs, but will force you to strengthen your construction. To form a rigid connection between the beam and the column you can use eaves haunches. Cutting them manually is a very time-consuming process. Automated haunch cutting is obviously time-saving compared to the manual process.

Create stitch macro in ProCAM

ProCAM macro stitch for haunch cutting with the RPC 1200

In order to minimize handling and increase throughput, our specialists developed a special haunch cutting sequence, incorporating our stitching technology that facilitates easy transport of haunches. Together with optimized nesting you can cut more haunches from one beam.

Developed for RPC 1200
The ProCAM macro was especially created for our RPC 1200 to minimize material usage and ease the transportability of processed haunches.

Curious? Watch this short movie of the cutting process!

Optimized haunch cutting with the RPC1200Mk3