Knuckles are used in shipbuilding to create flanges that are welded to other, contoured structures in a ship. To save labor time and reduce errors, HGG created a knuckle marking macro.

A part can contain one or more knuckles. They can be located anywhere, as long as it’s not at the beginning and end of the part. The knuckle macro marks the area where the part should be bent. It contains a text label indicating bending direction, length and radius.
3D CAD example where knuckles are apllied

A 3D CAD example where knuckles are applied to bend flange


The curve data information of knuckles in Aveva are imported into ProCAM, so users are able to verify the knuckle and edit text information.


Curve data information is imported to ProCAM

The curve data information from CAD is imported to ProCAM where users are able to verify the knuckle and edit text additionally


Save labor time and reduce errors

The knuckle macro saves time and manual labor, while it also reduces errors. The knuckle marking macro is specially developed for all new PCL machines. It’s added to the standard package of PCL macros.

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