Hypertherm’s latest generation of plasma cutting systems represent big improvements in plasma cutting technology with higher quality and increased cutting speeds. The design improvements and lower operating costs make the XPR plasma cutting systems competitive in the industry and provide high productivity.

HGG has an established track record with their SPC line of pipe profiling machines and have been market leaders for multiple years. The SPC series provides optimal torch positioning with multiple CNC axes and utilizes custom developed cutting technologies for optimal cutting quality.

One specific problem in thermal steel cutting has always been the processing of bolt holes, which are often of too low quality for the steel construction industry. Hypertherm’s SureCut™ technology uses a seamless integration of parameters such as gas type, gas flow, amperage and speed variation to deliver the patented True Hole® technology for mild steel. True hole® technology is able to produce significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma, closing the gap to laser and eliminating hole taper. Another advantage: this is delivered automatically without operator intervention.

While True hole® technology works especially well with flat, straight surfaces, the difficulty of cutting quality bolt holes in pipes is on a completely different level. This difficulty stems from the fact that pipe cutting machines often use a chuck to rotate and cut parts and holes. But, unfortunately, pipes are not always round and chucks can have some leeway in their rotation. Pipes often have an oval or egg-like shape, have welding seams that push the pipe out of position or can be as crooked as a banana. When you want to be as accurate as possible, you will have to take these irregularities into consideration and either adapt to them or prevent them altogether.

To use all the advantages of the patented True hole® technology from Hypertherm on pipe profiles, an additional transversal axis that is available in SPC pipe profiling. The synergy between True hole® technology and the transversal axis gives huge advantages over other pipe profiling machines. In small cuts like holes and slots, the pipe rotation makes the profiling machine able to cut over the circumference of the pipe. Removing the need to rotate within a rotational area of 15 degrees, significantly improves the quality of holes and slots in those pipes.

The quality and accuracy of bolt holes cut on SPC pipe profiling machines in combination with True hole® technology on Hypertherm’s XPR plasma units is unmatched and rivals laser cutting quality. Even in pipes with wall thickness up to 25mm (1 inch).

So what are you waiting for? Do you need more proof to show that an HGG SPC pipe profiling machine with XPR plasma unit should be your next pipe profiling machine?

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