CNC Pipe Cutter

ProCutter 600–900

  • Minimum
    48 mm
  • Maximum
    910 mm

Plasma Pipe Cutting within Reach

The PC 600 and PC 900 CNC Pipe Cutter incorporate all of HGG’s advanced technology and expertise. Operational excellence is applied to keep costs low. Both PC 600 and PC900 comes with oxy-fuel, plasma, marking and CAD-CAM Interfaces.


Partial Joint Penetration Welds

Partial Joint Penetration Welds

Equipped with both oxy fuel and plasma, the ProCutter 600–900 covers a wide variety of materials, sizes and wall thicknesses. Unique profiling shapes (e.g.: partial joint penetration, strainer) allow constant and efficient weld preparation despite the existing plasma limitation for tilting. The intelligent profiling shapes will automatically switch from a groove weld preparation to a fillet weld preparation (no extreme beveling needed) once the beveling limitation is exceeded.

Savings on Fitting & Welding

Savings on Fitting & Welding

Too many welders are spending their time on laying-out cuts, manual cutting and grinding. Skilled welders are hard to find, a potential bottleneck in your fabrication process. Automate the pipe cutting process, allowing welders to do what they are best at, welding.

My first profiler

My first profiler

How many pipes need to be processed before you justify your investment in a plasma pipe cutting machine? The ProCutter uses HGG advanced technology, while keeping material and engineering costs low. The ProCutter 600–900 accomplishes this by keeping some machine operations less automated, while maintaining material size and maximum weight within a smaller pipe range.


PC 600 Ø 48 mm–610 mm (2 – 24") 3t
PC 900 Ø 48 mm–910 mm (2 – 36")
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • Oxy-fuel Cutting Oxy-fuel Cutting
  • Marking Marking
  • CAD Connection CAD Connection

3D Profiling shapes

Here is a selection of profiling shapes for realizing connections on pipes and tubes:

A pipe-to-plate connection

Rotated Oblong Hole
To fit inserted plates at pipe ends or to create intermediate slots.

Saddle set-in & Hole set-in
For pressure connections with a much smaller branch pipe diameter.

Saddle PJP
For small sloped and highly dynamic pipe-to-plate connections. Easy cutting, fitting and welding.

Mr. Andrey Petrov - Chief of Production Preparation Dept. – Mastenergo (Russia)
‘Very soon into the Perm tower project we knew that this kind of complicated geometry with bevels is practically not possible to cut manually. That is why we purchased the HGG equipment!’
Mr. Andrey Petrov - Chief of Production Preparation Dept. – Mastenergo (Russia)
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