Pipe and Vessel Head Cutting machine

SPC 1500–3000 VC

Vessel head cutting

The HGG SPC 1500-3000 VC is the pipe and vessel head cutting machine that can completely automate your process of laying out, marking, cutting, beveling and grinding. You can prepare a complete vessel for welding 10 times faster when you automate your cutting process. Calculate how much our pipe cutting machine could save you!

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Holes need to be truly round and accurate in order to make sure the connecting part or nozzle fits. The holes cut on this machine have the root opening and a constant welding groove down so the part directly fit.

Elimination of Lay-out

Elimination of Lay-out

The amount of time to lay-out all cut-outs is time consuming and generally done in a rather unsafe working condition. After initializing on the reference point of the vessel, accurate positioning of the marking/cutting tool allows check and control by the operator.

Dish heads and Vessels

Dish heads and Vessels

Apart from being installed as a stand-alone machine, the VHC can be integrated within the SPC range. This allows a machine with a single cutting tool to perform work on either vessels or dish heads, which makes SPC-VHC versatile, bringing even more value for money.


SPC 1500 VHC 1525 mm (60”) 30t 6–12 m (20’–40’)
SPC 2000 VHC 2035 mm (80”)
SPC 2500 VHC 2500 mm (98”)
SPC 3000 VHC 3000 mm (118") 60t
  • Oxy-fuel Cutting Oxy-fuel Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • Marking Marking
  • CAD Connection CAD Connection

3D Profiling shapes

Here is a selection of profiling shapes for realizing connections on shells and vessel heads:

Saddle set-in & Hole set-in

For pressure connections with a much smaller branch pipe diameter.

Hillside Hole

A hillside hole on head including weld preparation.

Reinforcement Pad

To save material costs by reinforcement of the weakest point on ‘Saddle-Hole’ connections.

Chamfer X-bevel

A pipe end to pipe end or head connection with advanced beveling options for K and X weld preparations.

Mr. Kurt-Schaerer, Production manager | Enerflex
‘After manual vessel head cutting, you have to grind and clean before you fit the nozzle in. Now, you give it a quick buff and just set it in. Also hillside holes used to be difficult to cut, difficult to fit and the accuracy was troubling and now these are no longer off limit.’
Mr. Kurt-Schaerer, Production manager | Enerflex

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    Vessel Head Cutting Applications

    Today’s challenges in the process industry are mostly related to increasingly demanding weld regulations, the need for fast and easy material traceability and the limited availability of highly-skilled welders.

    Pre-fabricated vessels and piping parts need to be assembled under strict pipe shops regulations. By automating the vessel head cutting process and applying smart weld preparation techniques the materials are ready for fast and easy fitting and welding.

    The automation of the vessel head cutting process also reduces weld volume significantly, which can in-turn reduce on-site labor costs by as much as 30%.

    Vessel heads

    Laying out hole patterns, along with cutting, fitting and welding are all very time consuming processes. Holes need to be truly round and accurate. When handling thicker walls, deviations during cutting can impact greatly the welding volume. HGG’s pipe and vessel cutting machine automates and simplifies the way fabricators keep their welders doing what they are good at, without wasting a lot of time on grinding and fitting.

    Apart from being installed as a stand-alone vessel head cutting machine, the SPC 3000 VC pipe and vessel head cutting machine can be integrated in the SPC range, allowing a machine with a single vessel head cutting tool to perform work on either vessels or dish heads. This makes the SPC-VC tank head cutting and vessel cutting machine a more versatile machine bringing even more value for money.

    Industry application: pipe and vessel cutting machine for pressure vessels, vessel heads, shells, dished heads, dished ends, nozzles, boilers, heat exchangers.


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