All-in-one robotic plasma cutting machine


  • Minimum
    25 mm
  • Maximum
    250 mm

RoboRail: All-in-One robotic plasma cutting

We often hear from miscellaneous fabricators that automation is not for them as everything they do is different. That is what makes automation so important! With the RoboRail each and every part can be different, and the machine will continue to process by reading files directly from your detailing. The more complex, the better!


Compact Cell for a Protected Enviroment

Compact Cell for a Protected Enviroment

Let the machine do the cutting for you. The operator is protected against high speed robot motion and plasma cutting whilst being able to monitor the process directly.

Robotic precision by Staubli

Robotic precision by Staubli

HGG has worked with the Staubli brand for more than 15 years, Staubli is well known for its quality/durability/accuracy and repeatability, making it the right tool for your cutting machine.

Stable heavy duty machine base

Stable heavy duty machine base

The RoboRail has a small footprint allowing smaller shops to set up their fabrication as a lean manufacturer.


RoboRail Metric (mm) OD 25 / 250 25x25 - 200x200 50x38 - 280x95 10x50 - 20x280 25x25 - 200x200 400 / 550 kg 7.315 / 12.500
RoboRail Imperial (In) OD 1" / 10" 1x1” - 8x8” C 3x4.1 - C 12x30 3/8x2" - 3/4x11" 1x1” - 8x8” 882 / 1213 Lbs 24’ / 41’
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • Marking Marking
  • CAD Connection CAD Connection
  • Material 3 - 20 (mm) or 1/8 - 3/4 (inch) Material 3 - 20 (mm) or 1/8 - 3/4 (inch)
  • Infeed length/weight limited to 7.315mm/400Kg 24ft/882 Lbs Infeed length/weight limited to 7.315mm/400Kg 24ft/882 Lbs
  • Outfeed length is limited to 2.500mm/8ft Outfeed length is limited to 2.500mm/8ft
  • Minimal flatbar thickness is 10mm Minimal flatbar thickness is 10mm

3D Profiling shapes

Here is a selection of profiling shapes for realizing connections on an channel profile, angle profile or pipe profile.

Channel Profile
The RoboRail is ideal for processing stair stringers, platform reinforcement structure or other miscellaneous construction works.

Angle Profile
The option to cut angle profiles gives you extra flexibility to complete your miscellaneous work.

Pipe Profile
Manually processing pipe including layout and marking will take up to several minutes per cut. With the RoboRail this can be reduced to an average of 30 seconds. From handrail to medium size truss structure, or in general any multi memer node structure.

Stephen Chasse - SL Chasse Steel
"We now process all of our pipe, tubes, channels, and angles on a single system. It is truly an all-in-one system for processing all of our parts for stairs and rails. In the past we relied on three machines, with the RoboRail, it is one stop processing!
Stephen Chasse - SL Chasse Steel
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The All-in-one robotic plasma cutting machine with a small footprint.

Stairs, rails, ladders, and more: Miscellaneous Fabricators have a set of challenges which traditionally made automation difficult. HGG’s RoboRail now offers the Miscellaneous Fabricator an affordable, versatile and powerful solution to replace many traditional machines. The RoboRail makes it possible for Miscellaneous fabricator to process material quickly and accurately to length. Whether it’s making cuts, copes, holes or lay-out marking the RoboRail is capable of handling it all making sure your craftsmen do what they do best.

RoboRail plasma cutting: The more complex the better.

Nowadays a lot of the work done is modelled using CAD modeling software such as SDS/2, Tekla Structures, SolidWorks and Inventor. With this plasma cutting machine you can just send these files, like DSTV or STEP-files, to the machine and it will do the job for you. By automating your plasma cutting you drastically reduce your processing time and eliminate human error, saving time and money in the process.
For years miscellaneous fabricators dreamed of having their very own plasma processing robot; the RoboRail fulfills this dream making it both a powerful as well as a cost-effective solution.

Cutting Plasma by miscellaneous fabricators

Since several years now manufacturing and structural fabrication are utilizing the latest robot technology. At HGG we asked ourselves: Why not miscellaneous fabricators? The complexity and size of the cutting by miscellaneous fabricators make for a challenging product often processed by truly skilled professionals. With these craftsmen becoming more and more scarce it’s time for change. The RoboRail lets you process handrail pipe, stringer channels, box tubes, angles and more with robotic efficiency, using a reliable Hypertherm plasma system.

Adding flexability at larger structural and industrial fabricators

The versatility of the RoboRail also makes it a powerful tool for larger structural and industrial fabricators. The next job you see with copes and cut-outs in angle, send it to the RoboRail! Single-story tube columns for a strip mall or mezzanine, send it to the RoboRail! Bolted stairs, send it to the RoboRail!
Whether it’s taking care of all Miscellaneous work, or supplementing larger capacity machines with added flexibility: the RoboRail is the new workhorse for any fab-shop.

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