Beam Cutting Machine

RPC 1200 Mk3

  • Minimum
    95 mm
  • Maximum
    1220 mm

Beam Cutting Machine

Are you looking for a beam cutting machine that truly cuts all profiles? The RPC 1200 Mk3 is world’s first beam coping robot that also profiles pipes. The all-in-one solution developed by the industry leader in thermal 3D cutting. The most versatile beam cutting solution available in the market.


Cuts all profiles.

Cuts all profiles.

We fulfil a long-time desire by introducing a Beam Coping machine which can Profile Beams, angle bar, channel, square tubes, but also pipes, plates, T-bars and bulb.

Laser measurement

Laser measurement

By utilizing our high-tech laser measurement technology, we eliminate secondary processing as we compensate material deviations on-the-fly.

Layout marking

Layout marking

We focus on the overall process and save up to 20% in fit-up by making use of plasma layout and text marking, reducing the overall throughput time substantially.


RPC 1200 100x100 - 600x400 100x5 - 457x25 100x50 - 140x140 100x50 - 475x150 100x6 - 430x20 100x15 - 400x40 100x50 - 1220x430 100x50 - 200x100 75x75 - 300x300 12t 5 - 50
RPC 1200 Imperial (In) 4x4" - 23x16" 4x3/16" - 18x1" 4x2" - 5 1/2"x5 1/2" 4"x2" - 18 1/2x6" 4x3/16" - 17x7/8" 4x9/16" - 16x1 5/8" 4x2" - 48x17" 4x2" - 8x4" 3x3" - 12x12" 3/16" - 2"
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • Marking Marking
  • CAD Connection CAD Connection
  • * CHS, Pipe cutting requires additional equipment and is only compatible with HGG Standard conveyers * CHS, Pipe cutting requires additional equipment and is only compatible with HGG Standard conveyers

3D Profiling shapes

Here is a selection of profiling shapes for realizing connections on an H-beam, angle bar equal, T-bar, channel, angle bar unequal and box section.

Beam cut-outs

To make room for colliding parts

Beam end cuts

To connect a beam to an intersecting beam or a node

Beam holes

To cut bolted holes

Dick Thornton – Southern Queensland Steel - State Manager 
Dick Thornton – Southern Queensland Steel - State Manager 
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Want to know more about the CNC Beam Cutting Machine, RPC 1200?

Ask our 3D Profiling experts:

Beam Coping Applications

What is the biggest struggle in your fabrication process? Is it the complexity of the design, the poor production flow management, the inefficient material handling with too much material waste, the loss of control over the operating expenses, or the lack of skilled welders? Then, how do you deal with the increasingly tough demands and regulations on welded and bolted structural design?

Steel Construction

With the RPC 1200 Mk3 beam cutting machine, you have an entire fabrication shop in a single machine. This coping robot is developed to replace multiple traditional lines, such as beam drill, band saw, angle line, marking line and pipe profiling machine. The RPC 1200 Mk3 is a high-performance plasma beam cutting machine that reduces processing time by 30%, while also only requiring 20% of the original floor space. With our Perfect Hole™ technology, you can cut accurate bolt holes. With optional plate cutting equipment, plates can be processed for baseplates and add-on parts. A unique functionality is the possibility to cut round tubes.

Industry application: Beam coping for the fabrication of building structures, bridges, railroad, trailers, train wagons, stair stringers, handrails and other secondary steel.


For traditional beam coping, profilers use oxy-fuel cutting which still requires grinding before welding can begin. The RPC 1200 Mk3 is a high-performance box section and beam cutting machine that easily reduces processing/fabrication time by 30%, while also reducing the grinding time after cutting. The RPC beam cutting machine was developed to cut 100% of the common offshore cuts, including rat holes, which gives 100% freedom to design project specific connections.

Industry application: Beam coping for top sites, living quarters, subsea structures, subsea frames, support structures, pipe racks, protection frames for subsea manifolds, H-beam coping for skids, subsea structures, and support frames.

Onshore Process

For traditional H-beam coping, profilers use oxy fuel cutting while still requiring grind work. The RPC 1200 is a high performance plasma beam cutting machine that reduces processing time by 30%, while reducing grinding after cutting as well. In this industry, the RPC 1200 beam cutting machine is typically used for profiling flush beam connections for the fabrication of skids and profiling of box sections for subsea structure and support frames.

Industry application: H-beam coping for skids, subsea structure and support frames

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