Pipe and Tube Cutting Line

TCL 400

  • Minimum
    48 mm
  • Maximum
    406 mm

Tube Cutting Line; Generation 2.0

The TCL 400 Plasma Pipe and Tube Cutting Line is the next generation 3D cutting machine for pipe and tube. The highly productive TCL is the answer to automated but expensive tube laser cutting machines.

Unparalleled productivity

Unparalleled productivity

By moving the material during cutting and keeping the torch in a fixed position, scrap, finished parts of different lengths are now handled automatically. This new generation of machine delivers is more productive and without the constant need for operator interference.

User safety

User safety

In traditional pipe cutting machine set-ups, there will always be some exposure to plasma fumes. By creating a small confined cutting area, fume extraction is fully controlled. This is an ultimate solution to growing health & safety concerns worldwide.

Material sorting

Material sorting

The cut material is distributed to a correct outfeed station this allows to have all parts for a project on a single cassette. This can be further distributed through the workshop by forklifts. On request we can also supply a conveyor outfeed system.


TCL 400 48 - 406 mm (2 - 16") 4.2 t
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • Marking Marking
  • CAD Connection CAD Connection

3D Profiling shapes

Here is a selection of profiling shapes for realizing connections on pipes and tubes:


A pipe-to-plate or pipe end to pipe end connection.

Rotated Oblong Hole

To fit inserted plates at pipe ends or to create intermediate slots.

Saddle set-in & Hole set-in

For pressure connections with a much smaller branch pipe diameter.

Saddle PJP

For small sloped and highly dynamic pipe-to-pipe connections. Easy cutting, fitting and welding.

Mike Jongejan – Software Engineer – HGG
“The TCL 400 is the next generation tube cutting line and the answer to highly automated but expensive tube laser cutting machines. 3D profiling on heavy wall thickness with unrivalled productivity. Bringing value for your money without the need to run a machine 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week”
Mike Jongejan – Software Engineer – HGG
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Ask our 3D Profiling experts.

Tube plasma cutting applications

What is your greatest worry in a fabrication process? Is it the complexity of the design, poor production flow management, inefficient material handling with too much material waste, the loss of control over the operating expenses, or the lack of highly skilled welders? Then, how do you deal with the increasingly tough demands and regulations on welded structural design?

Steel Construction

Volumes and pipe sizes differ from project to project, demanding a versatile machine that prevents machinery from sitting idle in the workshop. The steel construction market is also a competitive market dominated by tight lead times and small margins, which requires highly automated fabrication machinery. The TCL400 Tube Cutting Line provides an answer to this dual demand for flexibility, in a combination with a high level of automation.

Finding highly-skilled personnel, such as experienced welders, is also becoming increasingly difficult. Automating the cutting process solves those challenges by providing highly accurate cuts and by significantly reducing weld volume. With highly accurate cuts, there is no need for excessive grinding. Plus, parts are easily prepared for easy fitting and welding.

Industry application: tube plasma cutting (instead of tube laser cutting) for cranes, trusses, stadiums, bridges, theme parks, expo centers, airport structures, shopping malls.

Process Piping

The TCL400 pipe and tube cutting line automates and simplifies the way fabricators can keep welding booths supplied with enough spools cut to tolerance, and without having skilled welders waste a lot of time fitting. The TCL400 provides a highly automated fabrication line with multiple outfeed stations that can feed welding booths and a remnant handling system.

Pre-fabricated vessels and piping parts need to be assembled under strict pipe shop regulations. By automating the cutting process and applying smart weld preparation techniques, materials are ready for fast and easy fitting and welding. Automating the cutting process can also reduce weld volume significantly, which in-turn reduces on-site labor costs up to 30%.

Industry application: tube plasma cutting (instead of tube laser cutting) for skids, frames, spools, manifolds, pipe lines, headers, lobster backs, boilers, nozzles.

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