In 2016 HGG and Peddinghaus teamed up to set a new standard within the industry. Bringing technological excellence and 24-hour support ensuring you get the best now, tomorrow, always.

Now over 7 years into the partnership more and more shops are speeding up their production with the Peddibot-1200. One of them being Smith Ironworks who got their Peddibot installed in 2021 and since then can’t imagine their shop without it. In an interview with Peddinghaus Blake Weaver, VP of Sales and Operations, says “The PeddiBot-1200 has been lights out since we got it. Anything we need done with precision is now routed directly to that machine. We get a lot of work with castellated beams, heavy moment connections, web holes and bevels. Because it can cut, mark, slot, bevel and process holes, we made it its own heartbeat in the shop.”

Peddibot 1200 | Plasma cutting machine

Peddibot-1200: Powered by HGG, Serviced by Peddinghaus

Together, Peddinghaus and HGG remain at the cutting-edge of their specialty in the steel fabrication industry. Well-established in each expertise, we combine to double our efforts in bringing no less than production excellence to your shop. Two companies with a common goal of providing our customers with an unparalleled competitive advantage. By offering the only 24-hour technical service center in the industry, our partners receive an elite level of support. Peddinghaus employs an expansive team of field service technicians throughout the globe, although 95% of telephone calls are resolved without the need for an on-site visit.

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26 November 18
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