Tubular profiling including weld preparation pipes and tubes

Pipe Cutting Services

  • Minimum
    42 mm
  • Maximum
    8000 mm

Let us do the cutting!

You receive a ready-to-weld package, so you can focus on fast & easy fitting and welding. We provide a range of pipe cutting services to help you cut any shape on your steel tubulars with utmost accuracy and with a bevel and plate slots. The CNC machines for tubular profiling are developed and produced by us.



Size42-8000mm (2" - 314")Track and tracePermanent and non permanent marking
LocationAt HGG or on your siteCADAutocad, Tekla and many others
MaterialCarbon steel, Stainless steel and other alloysCertificationsISO 9001; Lloyds 3.1 & 3.2;
Kelby Beukema, Sales Engineer- HGG

“Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest pipe lay vessel, is even longer than the Eiffel Tower is high! All the pipe cutting and weld preparation works for the stinger were performed by HGG.”

Kelby Beukema, Sales Engineer- HGG
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Tubular Profiling Application

What is your greatest worry in a fabrication process? Is it the complexity of the design, poor production flow management, too much material waste, loss of control over the operating expenses or the lack of highly skilled welders? Then, how do you deal with the increasingly tough demands and regulations on welded structural design?

Structural Steel

Volumes and pipe sizes differ from project to project and demand a higher level of flexibility from your workforce. By using traditional methods, a fabricator is able to cut only 10-20 tons of pipe per day. With HGG pipe and tube cutting services, this can be increased to as much as 100 tons a day.

Industry application: Tubular profiling for stadiums, bridges, theme parks, expo centers, airport structures, shopping malls, cranes, trusses


Pre-fabricated piping parts need to be assembled under strict pipe shop regulations. By automating the cutting process and applying smart weld preparation techniques, materials are ready for fast and easy fitting and welding.

Industry application: Tubular profiling for Headers, T-pieces, manifolds, run pipes, reinforcement pads, loading arms, filters, elbow supports, skids, spools, power plants and refineries, flow lines, modules, lobster backs

Pressure Vessels

Holes need to be truly round and accurate especially in case of thicker walls. Deviations during cutting would impact the overall welding volume. The machines we cut your vessel heads on are equipped with a FitPerfect™ technology resulting in highly accurate holes for optimized fitting and welding.

Industry application: Tubular profiling for pressure vessels, vessel heads, shells, dished heads, dished ends, nozzles, boilers, heat exchangers

Offshore Construction

HGG has the cutting machinery capacity to realize 100% of the common offshore cuts, including rat holes. Using this capability, you have complete freedom to design project specific connections. We cut your material on our high-performance plasma cutting line, which greatly reduces the amount of grinding work needed.

Industry application: Tubular profiling for jackets, jack-ups, skids, gangway, crane-boom, stinger, subsea structure and support frames.

Step 1

Contact us and get an expert advice on pipe cutting
Years of experience has helped us to be able to give you expert advice on a smooth transfer of 3D-models into cutting files, welding details, optimized nesting and calculating of welding volume.

Step 2

Send us your preliminary drawings
With our in-house developed software, we offer you freedom to design. We connect to all major CAD-systems. Time consuming manual programming is not necessary. Send us your digital drawings or NC data and we will import them into our CAD-CAM system.

Step 3

Send us your raw materials and tell us your schedule
Based on your drawings our experienced machine operators cut your material into ready-to-weld parts. We stay flexible in order to fit into your schedule.

Step 4

Receive all cut parts ready for fitting and welding
Our pipe cutting services include transportation. We deliver the pipes, ready for fitting and welding. So you can concentrate on your core-business.

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