HGG, the manufacturer and developer of the most effective Robotic Beam Cutting machine on the market, now introduces a Plate Cutting option.

This feature benefits fabricators to utilize the machines versatility even more, now the RPC1200 can cut beams as well as the add-on parts, all one just one single machine. With the use of HGG’s RPC beam cutting machine, it’s no longer needed to invest in a separate plate cutting machine to cut your add-on parts. You can cut and mark your beams as well as your add-on parts on just one machine.

The plate cutting cycle is fully automatic, allowing your operator to focus on other activities in the meantime, or just to go home and find a fully processed plate the day after. Factories where floorspace is precious can benefit greatly from the plate cutting option.

Are you interested in the most effective beam cutting machine which does it all? Or are you already a proud owner of a RPC beam cutting machine and interested in the plate cutting option to cut your add-on parts on the same machine? Contact us now for more information or a quotation.

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