Vessel Head Cutting Machines and Services

With our vessel head cutting machines and vessel head cutting services one can cut any shape on a vessel head extremely accurately and with a bevel. Our vessel head cutting machines and services automate the labor intensive laying out of hole pattern on a dish end for the pressure vessel industry. This saves you time on fitting and minimizes the weld volume.

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  • Pipe and Vessel Head Cutting machine

    SPC 1500–3000 VC

    The SPC 1500–3000 VC pipe and vessel head cutting machine is the answer to pressure vessel manufacturers struggling with and spending too much time on lay outs. The VHC saves you time on cutting, fitting and welding.

    • Savings on fitting and welding
    • Elimination of lay-out
    • Dish heads and vessels
    • Minimum
      75 mm
    • Maximum
      3000 mm
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Cutting Services

  • Vessel Head Cutting Services

    Ø 600 - 3000mm (24" - 118")

    On our CNC cutting machines we can cut any shape you want with an accurate bevel each and every time.

    • Efficient Weld Prep
    • Minimum Material Waste
    • Short Delivery Times
    More details
    • Minimum
      600 mm
      24 "
    • Maximum
      3000 mm
      118 "

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