NC or DSTV files are created in a CAD-system. DSTV stands for “Deutscher Stahlbau-Verband” and is an “interface for the geometrical description of the steel structure pieces for the post-processors with numerical control”, like Saw-, Drill- and Flame Cutting machines.

The free ‘HGG DSTV viewer’ can be used to open the DSTV files or NC files to have a 3D view. When NC (DSTV)-files are exported from a 3D CAD-system it is often desirable to have a 3D view, check and control of the position graphically.

The viewer allows manufacturers of steel structures to have a good communication tool between design and production, to verify the exact content and looks of the DSTV file. The different positions can be checked on screen and are shown graphically with all their properties such as holes, cutting angles etc.

The unique feature of the HGG DSTV viewer is called ‘scribing’. This new feature allows users to view the contour marking of positions.

Update your DSTV Viewer?

Instead of a software update on the HGG DSTV Viewer, HGG decided to introduce an entire new software tool, called HGG ProCAM Lite.

HGG ProCAM Lite software currently consists of two program parts, a DSTV viewer and a pipe viewer. The software enables users to perform final production data checks without the need for a machine and without having to purchase viewing software. Users can review any DSTV, NC, XML or PCD file, viewing all parameters and weld details, including root openings and markings prior to cutting and production.

Download HGG ProCAM Lite