‘When I visited HGG’s workshop in The Netherlands, I was sold,’ said Colin Heitman, Chief Operating Officer at Alltype in Australia. ‘I knew that the HGG machine would be the biggest labor saving machine that I could put into my business’.

The Western Australian company Alltype provides pipework systems, structural steel and more since 1985. Twelve year ago, the company decided to take the step to automation of their cutting process. Even though some workers were afraid that the HGG SPC 1500–3000 would take their job away, it proved that it only allowed the company to do more.

‘The machine’s payback period was 1,1 year. Any machine that does that, is worth the investment,’ Colin Heitman concludes.

We went back to Perth to see how the HGG SPC 1500–3000 is still going strong out there, and made a case study. Today we present you the pre-release!

Curious to hear the complete story?

On February 25th we will post the entire interview with Alltype online as a case study.

UPDATE: Read the full story here

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