HGG is all about Freedom. We readily share our knowledge and expertise, while forming strategic partnerships to grant even greater freedom to the customer. Ultimately, our mission is to continue our quest of automating craftsmanship, giving the world of steel the freedom to create!

We manage to preserve our firm focus on Freedom by safeguarding a work atmosphere according to the following five values:


An atmosphere of mutual trust & appreciation

Within HGG there is an underlying atmosphere of mutual trust and appreciation. This extends to our customers, partners and suppliers. We highly value the opinion of our global network of colleagues and regional representatives who help us in accurately grasping cultural diversity and local market needs. This open-minded attitude enables HGG to successfully continue striving for excellence in the solutions we provide customers.


Enthusiasm for finding new opportunities

Although market-driven, our work approach has always been highly innovative. We put constant effort in anticipating the future needs of customers by embracing new technologies and developing advanced solutions. Adopting innovation is the only way to sustain our team’s prominent enthusiasm for solving new challenges.


Together we achieve more

We firmly believe in team-work and sharing knowledge. It’s this eager exchange of experience and knowledge that fuels our development and fosters the collective genius of the HGG team. The key to our success– we eagerly welcome partners and customers into the HGG family. As a result, the solutions we achieve are by products of close cooperation and open communication. Using this formula, the HGG group is always greater than the sum of its parts.


Continuous development of our potential

Growth is crucial to sustaining continuity in a constantly evolving market and essential for the realisation of ambitions. Our experience and knowledge grows every day and each new project brings us valuable new insights, which we in-turn translate into developing innovative solutions. The friendly and participative work environment at HGG nurtures our growth and provides countless opportunities for further development at both a personal and corporate level.


We act with dedication and devotion

Our passion and commitment drives us to excel in the development and realisation of innovative solutions. This team dedication and enthusiasm stems from our belief in each other and the pride we take in our products. Our passion for constant improvement makes HGG unique.

If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!