Profile Cutting Machines and Services

With our profile cutting machines and profile cutting services one can cut any shape on a profile extremely accurately and with a bevel. Our profile cutting machines and services enable you to realize all possible end and intermediate cuts with a bevel on a large variety of stiffeners for the shipbuilding industry, such as HP / bulb, flat bar / strip, angle bar and T bar.

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  • All-in-one robotic plasma cutting machine


    The RoboRail is the go-to all-in-one robotic plasma cutting machine with a compact footprint made for all your miscellaneous steelwork. Looking for a machine to transform your miscellaneous fabrication to that of a lean manufacturer? The RoboRail is the best choice for your money.

    • All-in-one robotic plasma cutting
    • Straight from 3D design to cutting
    • Even handles 12" channel and 1 ¼”pipe
    • Minimum
      25 mm
    • Maximum
      250 mm
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  • Beam Cutting Machine

    RPC 1200 Mk3

    The RPC 1200 MK3 Beam Cutting machine is a high performance plasma cutting line and the most versatile and productive in the market. The RPC 1200 MK3 is the first in its kind which can truly profile all structural profiles, including pipes. An entire fab shop in one single machine.

    • Cuts all structural profiles, including pipes;
    • Mark text and layout contours, saving 20% in fit-up;
    • Secondary processing eliminated by use of advanced laser measurement;
    • Minimum
      95 mm
    • Maximum
      1220 mm
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  • Robot Profile Cutting Line

    PCL 600

    The PCL 600 is a high performance robot profile cutting line. The PCL is the most innovative plasma stiffener cutting line on the market.

    • Simultaneous sorting and cutting
    • Improved welding performance
    • On the fly measurement
    • Minimum
      100 x 21 x 6 mm
      4 x 0.8 x 0.25"
    • Maximum
      430 x 83 x 20 mm
      16.9 x 3.3 x 0.75"
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  • Profile Cutting Machine

    Ship Profiler

    Our Ship Profiler offers automated profile cutting for an affordable price, combining high productivity with a small footprint.

    • Automation & high productivity for an affordable price
    • Operator safety through optimized fume exhaust
    • 3D laser measurement for accurate cutting
    • Minimum
      60x5 mm
    • Maximum
      450x30 mm
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Cutting Services

  • Profile Cutting Services

    75 - 1220 mm (3" - 48")

    On our CNC cutting machines we can cut any shape you want with an accurate bevel each and every time.

    • Efficient Weld Prep
    • Minimum Material Waste
    • Short Delivery Times


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    • Minimum
      75x75 mm
      3x3 "
    • Maximum
      1220x430 mm
      48x16.9 "