HGG, developer of the world’s most productive profile cutting line PCL 600, introduces the all new Ship Profiler.

The Ship Profiler is the long awaited solution to time-consuming manual profile and pipe cutting, developed for the small to medium sized shipyard. It brings automated profile and pipe cutting, all comprised in one machine, within reach. The cost-effective profile cutting machine provides flexibility, high-end technology and high productivity within a small footprint.

The Ship Profiler – designed to be versatile

Are you building ships and therefore cutting stiffeners and spools in the shape of flat bars, bulb, angles (equal or unequal) or pipe? Than you know that highly skilled craftsmen, like welders, are rare and hard to find. Automating your cutting process is the way to go but often not justifiable looking at the volumes, hence as of today with the Ship Profiler it is. The new UPC 450 Ship Profiler is developed in such a way that automation became affordable. After the automated cutting process and minimal rework your craftsman can focus on what they really do best: welding!

Do you want to know more about our brand new cost-effective profile cutting machine and how it can add value to your production? Please don’t hesitate to contact the 3D Profiling Specialists of HGG in your region.

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