Stairs, rails, ladders, and more: Miscellaneous Fabricators have a set of challenges that require automation. HGG’s RoboRail now offers the Miscellaneous Fabricator an affordable, versatile and powerful solution to replace many traditional machines. It’s the first small robotic plasma machine that cuts 12-inch channel, tube columns and angles up to 8” x 8”, and 1-1/4″ to 10” pipe. Taking care of all Miscellaneous work, or supplementing larger capacity machines with added flexibility: the RoboRail is the new workhorse for any fab-shop.

RoboRail: Robotic efficiency for miscellaneous fabricators

HGG’s RoboRail incorporates advanced robotic technology to process a vast range of materials quickly and accurately to length; making cuts, holes, copes, while performing layout marking. Handrail pipe, stringer channels, box tubes, angles and more are all processed with robotic efficiency, using a reliable Hypertherm plasma system.

Accepts files directly from your modeling software

RoboRail accepts files directly from SDS/2, TEKLA, STEP, and various other modeling software to automate the cutting process, dramatically reducing process times while eliminating human error and fabricators’ reliance on skilled employees.

Designed to enhance your production capabilities

Specially designed to enhance a Miscellaneous fabricator’s capability, the RoboRail is also a powerful tool for larger structural and and industrial fabricators. By cutting tube columns and angles up to 8″ by 8″ and channels up to 12 inches, fabricators with larger capacity machines now have additional flexibility.

The next job you see with;

  • Copes and cut-outs in angle,
  • Single-story tube columns for a strip mall or mezzanine,
  • Bolted stairs,
  • 8” or 10” structural pipe

Send it to the RoboRail!

Find out more on the RoboRail on the Roborail Productpage.