We have a strong and active collaboration with PypeServer dating back to 2019. PypeServer is a intuitive software tool for everyone involved in pipe spool design and fabrication and lets CAD designers import pipe designs and spools directly into PypeServer. Starting from 2023, PypeServer’s Enterprise™ software became compatible for all HGG’s pipe profiling machines alongside HGG’s proven ProCAM™ software.

PypeServer Enterprise automates the Virtual Design and Construction workflow of pipe fabrication from CAD, through detailing, cutting, assembly, install, and inventory tracking according your projects BIM requirements. PypeServer’s built-in SQL database lets everyone work efficient, including VDC managers, detailers, job planners, estimators, shop foremen, machine operators, welders and on-site installers. With the two way interface between ProCAM™ and PypeServer Enterprise™, your pipe-shop will be able to increase productivity, and thus adding more competitiveness and value to spool production. You will benefit from full control over the design and fabrication process, as well as analysis and reporting on realised production.

“With our cooperation, we have even better capabilities to provide the most advanced profiling solutions to increase our customers’ production process,” summarizes David Basij, CEO, PypeServer Inc.

Your benefits:


  • Integration: The two systems may integrate seamlessly, allowing for a smooth transfer of data and information between the 3D profiling process handled by HGG and the file and software optimizations handled by PypeServer.
  • Workflow Efficiency: The result in optimized workflows, eliminating manual data entry and minimizing the risk of errors. This efficiency is crucial in large-scale fabrication projects where precision and time management are paramount.
  • Data Consistency: By working together, HGG and PypeServer can ensure that data consistency is maintained throughout the fabrication process. Importing spools from CAD directly and reduce manual programming and eliminate costly mistakes. This consistency helps in generating accurate reports, reducing rework, and improving overall project quality.
  • Automation and Productivity: Increase automation in the fabrication process. This will enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks, allowing workers to focus on more complex and value-added aspects of the project.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: Integration between HGG and PypeServer enables real-time monitoring of the 3D profiling processes and provides comprehensive reporting within the broader context of fabrication management. This real-time visibility is valuable for project managers and stakeholders.


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