At HGG, we have been passionate about producing the world’s best 3D profiling machines for almost 40 years now. We firmly believe in the power that these machines offer to manufacturers and have built a diverse portfolio of machines for various industries and applications over the years.

One of our latest additions to the product range is the UPC 450 | Ship Profiler, which has been specifically developed to meet the needs of ship repair yards and shipbuilding companies. This machine is smaller than its big brother, the PCL 600, but offers the same level of precision and efficiency.

For Ship Repair Yards and the Shipbuilding industry

We recently had the pleasure of working with a customer who was expanding from a dedicated ship repair yard into the shipbuilding industry. They wanted to maximize productivity from the outset, and we were able to provide them with the perfect solution – the UPC 450 with a double cutting table layout and a dedicated overhead crane.

Thanks to this setup, our customer is now able to process spools, stiffeners, bulbs, and flats with unparalleled efficiency. The UPC 450 delivers perfectly cut parts that are ready for the welding machine, streamlining the production process and giving our customer a competitive edge in the market.

Timelapse of the UPC 450 cutting production Bulb

Check out our timelapse of the UPC 450 in action as it cuts production bulbs. With its dedicated overhead crane, the machine is able to reach its full potential while operators focus on internal transportation of profiles. It’s fast, safe, and delivers extremely accurate results no matter how complex the shapes. At HGG, we are proud to offer the best 3D profiling machines in the world, and we can’t wait to see what our customers will achieve with them.

Want to know more on the UPC 450 | Ship Profiler? Visit the productpage of the Ship Profiler or have us contact you directly for more specific information.

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