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Versatility reaches new levels : HGG’s RPC Beam Coping line now can cut your add-on parts

HGG, the manufacturer and developer of the most effective Robotic Beam Cutting machine on the market, now introduces a Plate Cutting option. This feature benefits fabricators to utilize the machines versatility even more, now the RPC1200 can cut [...]

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HGG’s new leasing option offers manufacturers and fabricators an affordable option to increase capabilities with 3D profiling machine technology. With a small upfront investment and then manageable monthly installments, companies can increase [...]

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Cutting 20 tons of steel 3 times faster

Last week, a Scandinavian vessel manufacturer approached HGG with their challenge: a lack of production capacity but a huge demand. HGG found a solution, which eventually saved them not only a lot of time but also money. For a new oil and gas [...]

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Cut the impossible for New Mexico City International Airport

In the northeast of Mexico City rises the new international airport of Mexico. The spectacularly designed airport has an iconic X-shape. To construct the remarkable roof, various ProCutters from HGG are used. Construction is proceeding quickly; the [...]

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