Are you working in the steel construction industry and using SDS2 for your detailing and modelling? We have exciting news for you! You can now find the HGG plugin directly in the SDS2 Toolbox, streamlining your workflow and eliminating the need for manual rework.

Introducing the RoboRail, the new plasma cutting machine with a small footprint, empowers both miscellaneous fabricators and larger companies in the steel construction industry with unmatched creative freedom. This introduction increased the need for a direct connection SDS2 and HGG’s ProCam.

Automatic detection of holes in SDS2

The freshly released plugin contains components and export functions that define cutting information directly in the SDS2 model, including automatic detection of holes and pipe notches. It also allows for PCD files to be created and opened using ProCam.

If you’re currently using SDS2 for your modeling this new plugin will save you valuable time and money. You can now effortlessly send your data directly to ProCam and get your parts ready for cutting on the machines in your shop.


Learn more on the plugin by watching the video

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